Journal Entry #1

Note: I will occasionally be unearthing old entries from journals as a looking back exercise, old entries which stand out to me for one reason or another. They are verbatim. 

3 March 2014

We are a culture of sleepwalkers and answering machines. We believe what we are told; and spew rehearsed responses without second thought—for if X says “abc,” it is true—it must be true. Why should I doubt it? We live in a dream created by lies and unrealistic expectations. We want what others want because we want to win. Is anything true or real? The answer is yes, but the follow-up question is, what is the real? How deep within the fabric of our lives must we dig to find that precious gem? Or is it a turn of face, and if one is to turn around, will the view be that of a trail of destruction, a catalogue of disappointments and bitterness that is left in the wake of one who has been swept up in the lies and the unrealistic expectations?

Is the truth, then, a light which illuminates the darkness of our hearts and brings the chaos into view? In this case truth is a light which reveals what is already there in the darkness; it functions as a guide which leads the weary wanderer towards the end of his life, indeed the beginning of life—that is, eternity. It would seem to some that Truth is cruel and heartless. It is true that it can be difficult to bear sometimes; but the hemming is for our sake, to remind us that we are not gods; that Truth stands above us, and not the other way around. He who desires her must first surrender to her.



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